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We get it: how we treat your members is a reflection on you. That is why we provide a novel approach to hearing health coverage—one that simplifies the hearing health care ecosystem for your members and guides them to a tailored solution to optimize their outcomes and experience of care.

Powered by a secure, compliant, cloud-based technology and analytics platform, Birdsong strengthens the coverage for your members, and contributes to their whole health through our comprehensive hearing benefits. 

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What we offer

We serve as an extension of your plan. Our partnership enables you to optimize touchpoints with your members. Valuable insights provided by our expertise allow you to leverage the information in your coverage to better serve your members. We have constructed our business to meet you where you are and for the best way to partner with us.


Designed from the ground up to provide an easy and effective customer experience for payers, providers, and consumers

Care Management

Preventive and continual hearing care that can decrease long-term medical costs


Seamless and effective digital experiences for both provider and member


Competitive pricing models with a clear benefit

Increased Utilization

Increase awareness of hearing health and plan coverage as total health, to motivate individuals to address hearing loss

Compliance and Security

The highest level of data privacy, information, and cyber security

Strong Network

Easy access to hearing health providers and retail locations with optimal choices of hearing aids and other parts of hearing care

Member Engagement

Member portal, apps, chatbots, and educational resources to engage the member into action

Actionable Insights

Integrated data to drive actionable insights to improve hearing health and wellbeing

Audiologist installing hearing aid

Provider Care and Hearing Devices

Birdsong’s network of specially trained providers care about their patients' hearing and its impact on overall health. They provide exceptional quality of care and service that your members will value. They provide the medical expertise and guidance on the latest hearing aid technologies and device selection that is best for each member. Our high standards in recruiting and credentialing providers to our network ensures compliance with your health plan requirements, and the highest level of care for your members.

Technology & Devices

We can help health plans improve

Health Plans are under a lot of pressure to measure up. We can help.

Star Rating/HEDIS Score

Staying Healthy; screening tests and vaccines, managing chronic conditions, member experience with health plans, member complaints and changes in health plans' performance, health plan customer service

Quality of Care Measures

Improving Health; including hearing care in your health plan is an essential piece of fall prevention and injury prevention

MIPS Scoring

Audiologists who see Medicare Part B (outpatient) beneficiaries and exceed the low-volume threshold of claims


Separate from HEDIS/Star measures; upon demonstrating correlation of hearing impairment to other comorbidities, track impacts to broader member health and social well-being

Member 360

Leverage omnichannel voice of the customer data including survey results, emails, chats, call recordings and other member data to gain near real-time insights into abrasions, preference and trends

Data, plan, and pricing benefits

Hearing insurance data represented by graph icon


Data is a significant tool to use for your business. As your partner, we provide valuable data and insights through our unparalleled technology infrastructure to help your members maximize their hearing insurance plan usage.

Variety of hearing insurance plans represented by brochure icon


We understand that your members are unique with a variety of needs and situations. We have designed both standard and customizable plans with flexibility in mind. Our benefits integrate with any type of insurance plan (HMO, PPO, D-SNIP), so members can easily receive quality care.

itemized billing icon representing competitive hearing insurance pricing


We make it easy for you to work with us by offering a selection of competitive pricing options from PMPM capitated to Fee for Service.

Technology power
Through our enhanced technology stack, we provide a power boost to take care of members’ hearing health and help you differentiate yourself from your competition.
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Integration and Interoperability
Ensure optimal exchange and use of data.
Digital insurance interface represented by abstract shapes
Digital Engagement
Channels connect with members.
Secure hearing insurance information represented by lock icon
Infrastructure and Security
Taking personal information and security seriously.
Hearing insurance data represented by lightbulb icon
Hearing Health Intelligence Platform
Delivers actionable insights.

How your members work with us

Birdsong is here to empower your members in the four steps of their hearing care journey. Click on the steps below to reveal details of their hearing care journey.
Support for hearing care patients represented by icon of hand holding person

Awareness and Research

Birdsong offers its members valuable education and support. This is provided through the online Hearing Care resources and personal support with the Birdsong Care Navigation Team.

hearing consultation and diagnosis coverage represented by telehealth icon

Consultation and Diagnosis

The Birdsong Care Navigation Team continues to support and assist members through the consultation and diagnosis second step. They answer questions and can take care of scheduling consultation appointments with an in-network hearing care provider.

saving money on hearing care represented by piggy bank icon

Purchase and Fufillment

After Diagnosis, Birdsong's Care Navigation Team assists members in the selection, purchase, fitting, and programming of hearing aid devices. They advise members on options and assist in scheduling any needed additional appointments to get your hearing aids or other devices working optimally.

Support for hearing care patients represented by icon of hand holding person

After-Care and Community

The Birdsong Care Navigation Team provides further help and resources to members after hearing aid and other device fitting. Support can include connecting members with online and local support communities, checking in with members and answering additional questions, and providing members with a trained companion for in-depth assistance with daily life activities.

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