A Dedicated Hearing Health Partner.


We are here for you so you can be there for your patients! The hearing health landscape is rapidly changing. With everything you are managing, Birdsong will be your ally to help you with the administrative tasks of running your practice, so you can see more patients and stay informed of the best and latest treatments.

Audiologist assessing ear health

Simplified Partnership Experience

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The work you do improves the health and quality of life of your patients. Allow us to help you do it more efficiently so you can devote more of your time to providing quality care to your patients.

Join our hearing provider network.

Birdsong collaborates with you to deliver:

  • Health plan member demographics that reinforces to health plans the value of hearing health and identifies those in need of hearing care, including the highest-risk populations.
  • A subject matter expert who can assist with the health plan compliance, regulatory, and administrative tasks that come with delivering a hearing health benefit.
  • Competitive and timely payments.

Keep Your Focus on Your Patients

Birdsong supports you as a hearing care provider so you can spend more time caring for the most precious part of your business—your patients.

We prioritize hearing health by delivering actionable insights to inform health plans on the value of hearing care and its benefits to overall health. We help to break the stigma of hearing loss and to increase utilization of benefits.

We provide potential patient expansion through referrals by driving information and awareness on seeking your expertise for prevention and treatment of hearing loss.

We actively engage members through an easily accessible provider network and a member portal to help them proactively manage their hearing health, with your guidance.

What we provide

simplified hearing insurance billing represented by letter and pen icon

Simplified billing and services built to support your process as a provider

fast medical credentialing with insurance represented by certificate icon

Fast credentialing so you can focus on what's important

audiologists receiving patient referrals represented by icon of two doctors

Patient referrals to help you reach new patients in need of hearing care

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