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Your hearing can weaken gradually; you may not even realize it is happening. Hearing loss is caused by a variety of reasons and may occur at any age. Once hearing is lost, it cannot be regained. Therefore, prevention, early intervention, evaluation, and treatment by a professional is important. The experience addressing your hearing health should be simple, straightforward, and successful.

That is where Birdsong Hearing Benefits comes in. Although we do not offer individual hearing benefits, we empower your journey to be informative, simple, and supportive, all through your health plan or employer’s hearing health benefit.

Hearing care is a vital part of your whole health. Take advantage of your Birdsong Health Benefits Membership, and we will guide you along the way.

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Member Journey

Birdsong is here to empower you in the four steps of their hearing care journey. Click on the steps below to reveal details.
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Awareness And Research

Birdsong offers its members valuable education and support. This is provided through the online Hearing Care resources and personal support with the Birdsong Care Navigation Team.

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Consultation and Diagnosis

The Birdsong Care Navigation Team continues to support and assist members through the consultation and diagnosis second step. They answer questions and can take care of scheduling consultation appointments with an in-network hearing care provider.

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Purchase and Fulfillment

After Diagnosis, Birdsong's Care Navigation Team assists members in the selection, purchase, fitting, and programming of hearing aid devices. They advise members on options and assist in scheduling any needed additional appointments to get your hearing device up and running.

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After-Care and Community

The Birdsong Care Navigation Team provides further help and resources to members after hearing device fitting. Support can include connecting members with online and local support communities, checking in with members and answering additional questions, and providing members with a trained companion for in-depth assistance with daily life activities.

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Comprehensive Support

Members are empowered with a variety of resources to assist throughout the hearing health journey. These resources include empathetic support from care navigators, exceptional customer service, access to a user-friendly member portal, and educational content on the importance of hearing health.

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Provider Network

Birdsong Hearing Benefits’ extensive, nationwide network is comprised of highly trained providers, focused on delivering a quality, positive care experience while maintaining adherence to compliance standards. If you require a hearing device, Birdsong simplifies this acquisition process so you spend less time dealing with burdensome administrative benefit tasks, and return to the richness of life’s song more quickly.

As a member you will enjoy

Birdsong Hearing Benefits members enjoy an enhanced level of hearing health coverage.
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Access to exceptional hearing care providers

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A user-friendly digital member portal

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Access to hearing care information and support services

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Preventative care

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Devices to aid hearing loss

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